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IToM project has been ceased as of August 2012.
Similar tools on top of a brand new software architecture can be found here at NTMaps

The aims of the Internet Topology Mapper (IToM) project are (i) to develop theorethical and practical approaches to understand the characteristics of the Internet and (ii) to contribute into the collective efforts for drawing a better Internet topology map. People working in the project are pursuing research on the following problems:

Large Graph Sampling: Understanding the nature of any physical phenomenon which inherently forms a network or could be represented as a network is an important task. Such complex networks appear in various fields including biology, computer science, physics, and economics. Since working on the whole graph is either impossible or cost inefficient we seek for random sampling approaches of these graphs and estimators for their properties.

Anonymous Router Resolution: A router that does not respond to a traceroute query is referred to as an anonymous router and is represented by a * in the traceroute output. Anonymous router resolution refers to the task of identifying the occurrences of *'s that belong to the same router in the underlying network.

IP Alias Resolution: Drawing better maps of the Internet requires identifiying the routers completely and accurately. IP alias resolution is the process of determining and grouping the IP addresses belonging to the same router.

Subnet Inference: Another important component of Internet maps is the subnet. A subnet is the smallest division of an IP (Internet Protocol) network. Subnet inference involves discovering the IP addresses that are hosted at the same subnet and masking subnets with their correct prefixes.